A little break from the novel…As mentioned in previous posts, I enjoy drawing and have done portraiture from photos for people over the years.
     We all have dreams, aspirations.  When these thoughts, passions, and desires penetrate our minds’ eye, we gravitate toward examples, models if you will, to teach us and inspire.  I still marvel at those with the ability to take the written word, and communicate to us in a way that tells a story, makes us laugh or cry, invites us to escape to other worlds.
     These two renderings hang on my wall; gentle reminders (sometimes irritating goaders) of what is possible.



     There are those moments, sitting at my desk in the middle of the night, the room pitch black, save the glow from the reading lamp; when the trash can is overflowing with crumpled drafts, or the only key on the laptop getting consistent use is “delete”.  I look at the wall, and press on.  Does this scenario sound familiar to anyone out there?  Drop a comment.
(For those of you new to this site, please click back to the July 16th posting, They Had the Right to Remain Silent (1), in the Archives section, where the tale of two New York City detectives begins.  Thanks for stopping by.  The story will proceed where we left off in my next post.)

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