(Another portion placed on your crime novel plate.  If this is your first time, please go over to the Archives section and click on th July 16th post, They Had the Right to Remain Silent (1), where the story takes off.  Otherwise, more coming up below.)
They Had the Right to Remain Silent
Richard S. Jachimecki
Chapter ( xxix ) continues…
     “What’s that with you and Pam?” Terrance asked.
     “What?” Becker replied, then shook his head, “Nothin’.”
     “Haven’t seen you in a while. Your phone number still the same?” Terrance continued the interrogation.
     Becker sighed, “We went for drinks one night after work. Spur of the moment thing. We exchanged phone numbers, that’s all.”
     “And you called her?”
     “Did she call you?”
     “Left a couple of messages.”
     “And you returned the calls?”
     Becker stared at the phone.
     “Didn’t think so,” Terrance grinned. “I’ll bet you get a another call, real soon…”
     “I don’t really want to talk about…
     “Yeah, this is Detective Becker, Badge 7475. Color of the day is green. I want to find out about any calls Wednesday through today on a Caucasian male, approximately thirty years of age…
     “Manhattan first, then the rest of the boroughs…
     “Yeah, I’ll hold…”
     He felt the stare coming from the other desk. Terrance’s Cheshire smile and raised eyebrows made furrows across the Black man’s shaven head.
     “This isn’t going anywhere, T,” Becker said with an embarrassed half- laugh.
     “Yeah, I’m still here…” Becker said into the receiver. He pulled out a notepad, “OK, go ahead…”
     “And when was this?…
     “Wait, there were two different calls placed for the same guy?…
     “Where does he work?…
     “Yeah, I might. I’ll get back to you…
     “All right, much appreciated.”
     The smirking wrinkles were gone from Terrance’s head, replaced with downward chevrons across his brow.
“Got something?”
     “Call came in on Thursday. A real estate attorney by the name of Owen Bradford.” Becker answered. “I took a look at the suit our victim was wearing before CSU bagged it. Definitely not off- the- rack. I’m thinking this is our Owen.”
     “You want to call down to Forensics, to see if the Doc’s in?” Terrance asked.
     “If he isn’t, I’m sure Berry will be getting him down here.”
     “This Bradford, his workplace reported it?”
     “His wife.” Becker started to dial again.
     Terrance leaned back in his chair. “God, I hate this part of the job.” he sighed.

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