(Another addition to the crime novel being written as you read…for the beginning to the story, click into the Archives section on the July 16th post, They Had the Right to Remain Silent (1), and take off on the ride from there…Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy, and let me know what you think in the Comments.)
They Had the Right to Remain Silent
Richard S. Jachimecki
Chapter ( xxix )
     TERRANCE AND BECKER ESCORTED PETE up to the detective squad room on the third floor and met with sketch artist Pamela Adams. The room was otherwise unoccupied. She sat on the corner of Becker’s desk, and flipped through pages of the N Y C Bulletin.
     “Pam,” Becker stuttered, “haven’t seen you in some time. How did you get so lucky to pull a Saturday?”
     “It has been a while, Mason. I’ve stayed pretty busy, but your Captain Berry approved the time. Sounds like he wants this case over and done fast.”
     She handed the newspaper to Becker, with the back page facing him.
     “MADAM GOES MAD AT MARQUIS” blared across the sheet in white block letters. Behind the words, a full- page picture of the hotel, the crowd and the vehicle lights flashing.
     “Yellow- shit journalism,” Terrance grumbled. “Maybe they can tell us who the victim is and who did it. Save us a whole lot of time.”
     “The Marquis people have political ties. The Captain’s getting heat from upstairs.” Becker explained. He tapped Pete on the shoulder. “This gentleman is going to fill in some gaps.”
     “Let’s go to my room upstairs and we’ll start with a computer rendering,” Pam said, leading the way.
     As they headed up the staircase, Pete leaned toward Terrance.
     “She’s a babe,” he whispered.
     “She’s very talented at her job. You just keep remembering,” Terrance said, then realized Pete’s low vantage point, with Pam already past the landing and climbing the second set of steps, “and keep those eyes down.”
     Once on the fourth floor, Pam opened the door to an office across from the staircase and turned on her computer. It sat on a counter which ran along one wall of her office, perpendicular to her desk. She sat in front of the keyboard and pulled a chair to the left side of hers, then offered it to Pete. She clicked an icon for a program having a split screen, both sides blank. She typed in ‘female’ in the top field and outlines of various faceless heads, running in rows, filled the right side of the screen.
     “We’ll start with the basic contours of the head and face, and fill in the details like a puzzle, Pete,” she said, scrolling through the images on her computer monitor, “after that, we’ll print out the rendering and I’ll make the subtle nuances by hand, based on what you tell me,” she explained, then turned to the detectives standing behind her, “this will take a little while, if you’ve got other things to check on guys,” she said, then added, “I’ll call you when we’re done. Your phone number still the same Mason?”
     “OK, lets get to work, Pete.”
     Becker and Terrance left the office and headed back down a flight to their desks, that were butted together, facing each other in the middle of the squad room. Becker dialed the phone for Missing Persons and was put on hold.

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