(A crime mystery novel, for you to follow along, a day at a time.  The beginning of the tale is on the July 16th posting, which is easily found in the Archives section in the left column, They Had the Right to Remain Silent (1).  And if you’re up to speed with the story, we go forward.  Thanks.)
They Had the Right to Remain Silent
Richard S. Jachimecki
Chapter ( xxviii )

     From: 1momintheburbs@zoomba.com

     To: pixdust123@hello.com

          Marcia- haven’t talked in a long, long while. Are you keeping busy? New stuff for me to check out in the shoppe? I need a new top,     something to make me dazzle! LOL

     pixiedust123: Plenty, Jill. I’m already thinking about a couple for you to try on right now! How are the kids? Did Mike get the promotion?

     1momintheburbs: The kids are great. I’m back to ‘normal’ crazy, now that they’ve been back to school for several weeks 🙂 Mike got it, the promotion I mean, but he’s putting in a lot more hours. He says it will get better soon. The money’s better, I can tell you that 🙂

You got the invite, are you going?

     pixiedust123: Already sent back the RSVP. Same day I got it. You?

     1momintheburbs: Ditto for me. I was surprised it’s paid for. It’s going to cost a mint! Mike’s company had a conference at the Bradley Hotel. He was involved with the setup, since New York is the home office, so he saw all the invoices. They dropped thousands for one day. This reunion includes the banquet, an overnight, and brunch!

     pixiedust123: Did you hear who’s footing the bill? Rumor is Trent Bayberry! Can you believe it?

     1momintheburbs: He can afford it, I’m sure. I’m surprised, really. In school he always acted like everybody owed him. He and his entourage thought they were the Second Coming!

     pixiedust123: Well, they were the state football champs senior year. It was pretty wild.

     1momintheburbs: You went out with one of them, didn’t you?

     pixiedust123: yeah, Tony,something. OMG He was a hottie!

     1momintheburbs: And how long did that last?

     pixiedust123: I know where this is going.

     1momintheburbs: Until he got in your pants.

     pixiedust123: I prefer to remember it as me getting into his pants.

Nice ass 😉

     1momintheburbs: They were all asses! Like they were above everybody, especially the girls. The ringleader was Bayberry. What was their motto?

     pixiedust123: fuck ’em and chuck ’em

     1momintheburbs: Exactly. You ask me, Bayberry is putting this on to make his own showcase. Try to rub it in faces, now that he’s pro and all. He probably expects that classmates will line up for autographs. He’ll probably charge for them too, try to get some of his money back.

     pixiedust123: Now that you know this, you still going?

     1momintheburbs: Of course, because I want to see all the peeps I liked and care about. Like you, girlfriend! And now I really plan on partying, on Bayberry’s dime! LMAO

pixiedust123: You know it! Do you think Brock will show?

1momintheburbs: Brock?

     pixiedust123: Brock Ellington. You think he’ll feel comfortable enough after all this time has passed?

     1momintheburbs: OMG I remember him as “Beebs”! I don’t believe I totally blanked on his real name.

I don’t know, it was so horrible for him. Can you imagine? Hanging there all night. I still think it was some of the football players did it.

      pixiedust123: Nothing got proved. Brock didn’t identify anyone. I really liked Brock in the school plays. He was fun and fun to be around. I cried a long time. He was never the same guy after that, right through graduation. Just fell of the face of the earth 😦

     1momintheburbs: Could you blame him? Those pictures showing up all over school? Salt in the wound, you know?

     pixiedust123: I remember, “Touchdown Jesus”. I hope he comes. I’ll be the first to give him a big hug. Maybe he’ll come in disguise. Remember when he made himself up as a substitute teacher for a week and nobody guessed it? He took it off at the pep rally on stage. He was a riot!

     1momintheburbs: He had to have help with that getup and the makeup. Maybe the guy who always hung around with him. Do you remember his name? Beebs was sooooo real! I remember I actually handed in an assignment he made everybody do during a study hall. He graded them and gave them back to us by the end of the week before he took the disguise off. Remember? He took it off like a striptease.

A lot of football players were pissed because it was their rally and their stage and here’s this little gay guy getting all the cheers. That’s why I think they did it. But I do hope he shows up too.

I’d get in line to give him a hug.

     pixiedust123: Well, it’s just one week away. October 14. I’ve been dieting since the invite came in the mail. Baby girl, I gotta run, customers are waiting.

     1momintheburbs: I’ll drop in on Monday. Have those tops ready for me. Maybe I’ll get a new dress for the “Bayberry Show”. Mike just got a raise, right? 😉 TTFN


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