(The evidence builds in this crime novel…if you’re new, please click back to They Had the Right to Remain Silent (1), in the Archives section, the July 16th posting, where our tale begins.  If you’re ready for the next installment, shall we proceed?)
They Had the Right to Remain Silent
Richard S. Jachimecki
Chapter ( xxiv ) continues…
     Becker followed the investigator, who pulled out a spray bottle and wand-like lamp from his case, heading towards the bathroom. The investigator sprayed the luminol from the bottle onto the tile floor around and behind the toilet and sink.
     “Shut off the light, will you?” he said to Becker.
     In the darkness, he snapped on the blacklight and smears of glowing blue appeared.
     “The killer didn’t clean up as well as planned. I found a few minute droplets on the carpet from here to the bed, also. The large bath towels are missing too,” he said. “We’ve gone through all the laundry carts downstairs, no luck.” he added.
     “What about prints?” Becker asked.
     Once again, the investigator’s head was swaying side to side.
     “Partials and blurs. Those we could use were from three separate individuals from a quick check. Figure that one set is from the victim. We’ll cross- reference any staff that’s been in this room tonight and before Wednesday’s arrival. Not a lot to go on, Detective.” the investigator concluded. “We’ll be bringing the mattress back to the lab.”
     “Well,” Becker sighed, “it’s a long shot, but we’ll need units to check all the dumpsters within a four block radius of here. Look for the champagne and the towels.”
     The annoyed investigator frowned, checking his watch. “This is going to be a long night,” he moaned.
      No kidding, Becker thought, fighting back yawns from three days of next- to- no sleep. His cell rang.
     “The clerk’s here, Mase. We’re in the manager’s office, just down the corridor to the right of the front desk,” came Terrance’s voice.
     “I’ll be right down,” Becker answered. He turned to the CSU tech, “I’ll catch up with you in front of the building, after your crew gets here.” Becker began to exit.
     “Fine,” the tech groaned, and shoved the equipment into his bag, then zipped it tight.

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