A crime novel in the works, that’s what you’ve found here.  Welcome, as the story unfolds, one post at a time, seven days a week, for your entertainment.  First timer?  Please click back to They Had the Right to Remain Silent (1), where the tale takes off.  Find the July 16th post in the Archives section in the left- hand column.  If you’ve already been following right along, thank you.  Another chapter begins.  Enjoy.)
They Had the Right to Remain Silent
Richard S. Jachimecki
Chapter ( xxii )
     BECKER HUNG HIS HEAD FORWARD and let the shower’s hot stream pound on the back of his neck. His arms were slightly above his shoulders, hands pressed against the wall. He hoped the heat would loosen his muscles and wash the tension of the last few days down the drain.
     Stills and his mother were in the tank, the DD-5’s and all other paperwork were completed and handed in. Hit the practice range tomorrow afternoon, he thought, great way to unwind. He started to laugh, thinking about Terrance holding Stills off the ground with one hand. And his father is bigger…Jesus, he reflected.
     He cut off the water and realized his cellphone, placed next to the sink, was beeping with a new voicemail. He dried his head and hands, then saw ‘Captain Berry’ on the phone’s display. He listened to the message and then called Terrance.
     “It’s me…
     “Yeah, I just got it too…
     “I can pick you up in about an hour…
     “There’s no rest for the weary, buddy…
     “See you then.”
     Becker patted down what hadn’t already air- dried with his towel, shaved three days’ growth off his face and got dressed in a polo, khakis and a light nylon shell jacket. Going to the kitchen, he dialed the combination to unlock the custom- made steel cabinet drawer. He snapped his semi- auto, taser, shield, and handcuffs onto his belt. These were covered by the jacket.
     “Oh well,” he sighed to himself as he scooped the keyring off the counter with his pinky. The light from the fixture above the sink sparkled off the silver galloping- pony key charm dangling from his hand, as he took the bottle of Stoly from the countertop and returned it to an upper cabinet, then dumped the ice from the rocks glass down the sink.




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