(Hello.  This is a site dedicated to your entertainment, as I write a crime novel and pass it on to you, bit by posting bit.  If you’re new, please click back to the July 16th They Had the Right to Remain Silent (1) post, where the story commences.  It can be found by going to the Archives section on the left column.  If you’ve been following right along, thank you and here we go….)
They Had the Right to Remain Silent
Richard S. Jachimecki
Chapter ( xv )
     THE CONTENTS OF THE PLASTIC BAG WERE DUMPED onto a table next to the large, heavily insulated metal box, which was a small room unto itself. The articles were rummaged, until the billfold was found. The redolence of tanned leather lingered on the laminated driver’s license, even after its removal from the billfold’s inner sleeve. The plastic card was placed off to the side. The billfold was then returned to the pile, which contained blood- soaked towels, the tranquilizer- tainted bottle and glasses, and the other items associated with the fatal rendezvous.
     With the trigger- release on the stainless steel handle pulled, then its attached three inch- thick door swung to the left, the interior of the walk- in cube was exposed; coiled electric elements lined the three walls and ceiling, the circuitry mounted to dense, white- tile brickwork that encased the entirety of the inner chamber.
     Three two- foot squared panels, consistent with the heat tolerances of the tile material, were each fixed atop individual sets of legs; the erected platforms positioned in the center of the container. All but the driver’s license were transferred from the outer table, onto the stands within the enclosure. The door was closed and pressed firmly, until the lock clinched the fire- resistant edging of the bulky hatch into a tight seal against the opening’s framework.
     A dial on the top right corner of the unit’s front wall was turned to register two- thousand degrees, Fahrenheit. Its sister control knob was rotated and set for eight hours operating time. With the flip of the power switch, a locking bolt rammed into place, from the wall casing to the door proper, removing any chance of accidental premature release. A gentle purr emitted outward through the thick walls. The coils inside began their scorching expansion from orange, to red, to white, and turned the interior into a self- contained hell. Evidence to that violent climax at the Marquis was incinerated to no more than wisps of ash and a fused glob of molten silicates.
     Within a short day’s passage, the oven’s inner confines and the heart’s internal passions both turned cold. What survived from the physical and emotional firestorms were indiscriminately discarded.
     All for you, my love, she vowed.



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