(Hey, come on in, we’ve saved you a seat.  First time?  Click back to They Had the Right to Remain Silent (1), and you can begin the story that is being progressively written and posted blog by blog.  If you’re up to # (16) in your reading, then let’s not waste a moment.)
They Had the Right to Remain Silent
Richard S. Jachimecki
Chapter ( xi ) continues…
     “Congratulations,” came the reply in a sultry tone, “how about meeting in the bar at the Marquis Hotel? We could start there,” she purred.
     “Start?” he asked, and felt heat.
      “Yes, start,” she said, “you spoke of needing to unwind.”
     She continued, “Oh, why waste time, there’ll be a room card at the desk waiting for you. About an hour from now OK with you?” she giggled.
     “So looking forward to it,” he replied, “see you then.”
     The Marquis was a twenty minute walk from his office, which gave him enough time to call his people for a ten- minute progress report on the deal.
     “No promises,” he said over the speakerphone, borrowing from Caldwell, “but it looks like we’ll be moving forward.”
     “Terrific, Owen,” shot back from one voice.
     “Nice work,” from another member of the conference call.
     Owen looked at his desk clock and remembered his new appointment.
     “I’ll keep you in the loop, talk with you tomorrow.”
     The green light faded, as his core temperature rose. He looked at the open file on the desk, ran the numbers through his head and smiled when he calculated the firm’s cut. Not bad for a month’s work.
     He went to the bathroom and gave himself the once- over in the mirror. Back to the desk, he closed the file, placed it in the drawer and locked it shut.
     “Amy,” he said to his assistant, shutting the office door behind him, “I have to step out for a couple of hours, should be back by 3:30,” as he walked briskly past her desk in the reception area.
     “Everything all right?” she asked.
     He gave her a wink, “Couldn’t be better, the Grant Building is going to be a done deal,” he sang, and never looked back, as he made his way to the elevator.
     Amy’s left eyebrow curved upward, “Oh. I see,” she said to herself. She watched as the doors closed in front her waving boss, now in the elevator car.
     “He won’t be back,” Amy whispered, and dialed to cancel his later afternoon appointment.

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