(Hello and Welcome.  This blog you’ve entered is part of a novel in progress.  Please refer back to They had the Right to Remain Silent (1), to pick up where our story begins.  There are also earlier posts explaining the intent of this site.  Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy)
They Had the Right to Remain Silent
Richard S. Jachimecki
Chapter ( iii )
     CAPTAIN BERRY SAT in his office looking over the jackets, or personnel folders, of two detectives under his charge. The paperwork was spread on his desktop. Across from him sat Detective Sergeant Mason Becker. Becker had just finished typing a DD- 5 form at his Homicide Squad desk, when the Captain summoned him to his office, located at the rear of the room.
     “Mason,” Berry said, “I’ve had you filling in for guys on leave, and then vacationing detectives, for some time now. I’ve appreciated your patience.”
     “Not a problem, Cap’n,” Becker responded, “I’ve needed the time, to…you know…recover, I guess.”
     “You and Nick were together for a quite a while,” Berry said, “he was a good cop. And you’ll never be over his loss completely, I can tell you that from personal experience,” Berry added, then closed and picked up one of the folders from the desk with his left hand, “but I think I’ve got a good fit here, for you. You just finished the Johnson case, so I want to pair you two up, while you don’t have leftover cases open. He comes from the Two- Eight.”
     Berry waved to someone in the squad room with his right hand, through the window in his office door. Becker heard the door swing open and turned his head, then got a first look at his new partner.
     Son of a bitch, Becker thought.
     The Black man entered the room, by ducking slightly, and turning sideways to fit his shoulders through the doorway.
     “Mason Becker,” Berry said, “meet Terrance Marshall.”

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