They Had the Right to Remain Silent (3)

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(Welcome.  You have joined us in the telling of the novel, They Had the Right to Remain Silent.  Please go back to the posting: They Had the Right to Remain Silent (1), for the beginning of our tale.  For those of you who have been here before, shall we proceed?)
They Had the Right to Remain Silent
Richard S. Jachimecki
Chapter ( i ) continues…
     Henri picked up the set, then moved it to a rear counter.
     “We’ll take care of details in shipment,” Henri said, “or will you be taking it with you?”
     “We’ll ship, same address as the last time. But I have a question for you regarding the artist,” said Pennington, “I want him to create a particular piece for me, an old-fashioned oil derrick, to display in my Austin headquarters reception area. Do you think that’s possible?”
     “Oh mon Dieu! Je ne pense pas ainsi, no way this will happen,” Henri came back, surprised by the request.
     “That is to say,” Henri explained, as he cleared his throat and regained composure, “I know Tiernay also works in small statuary, but I am unaware of him taking on private commissions.” he stated.
     “Well, there’s always a first time. I’d still like to meet with him,” Pennington pressed.
     “Everett Tiernay is a driven man, solely set on the production of his works. It is said he hardly ever leaves his studio,” Henri further emphasized.
     “Few know where it is for that matter. I believe no one else has ever entered the studio, due to proprietary reasons. The artist is very guarded,” Henri stated, “I myself have only spoken with him by phone,” he said, hoping to make clear the level of difficulty regarding the request.
     “Well then, I’ll take the number and make the call myself,” said Pennington, not to be denied.
     “Please, Mr. Pennington, understand the situation. If I were to give you the number, I would be banned from further distribution considerations. However,” Henri assured and placated, “I will call and place the request personally on your behalf. You now have two of his works, and I will pass on your appreciation of his talents. Mr. Tiernay also appreciates his patrons, I know he will consider your wishes.”
     “But,” Henri said solemnly, holding both hands to his own chest, “I cannot guarantee.”
     Henri put a hand on Pennington’s shoulder, “I will do my utmost.”
     Pennington sighed, “That’s all I can ask, amigo,” he followed with a grin, “Artists, temperamental little buggers, ain’t they?”
     Henri nodded, “Indeed sir. Now let’s look this over once more, before I have it packed and crated.”

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