About Thirty-Six hours to go…

Posted: July 14, 2012 in cops, crime novel, detective stories, novels, police procedurals, suspense novel, Uncategorized
(please refer to earlier posts regarding the intent of this site)
     I’m getting geared-up to start posting my story, They Had the Right to Remain Silent, on Monday, July 16th.  As stated earlier, this tale will be delivered in a serial style, each post building upon the next.  That gives you, my friends, the chance to follow along at the pace you wish…I’ll leave the title as the header to the blog, then follow with sequential numbers, so you may begin each visit wherever you left off.
     The hairs on the nape of my neck bristle in anticipation.  Let me remind you this is a first draft, and developments have a tendency to change on the fly.  I’m reading this story along with you, you’re in my head (there’s an unsettling thought).
      What makes people do what they do?  Motivations can be spontaneous, or they can be seeded in the past and lingering, smouldering in one’s mind.  The reasons can be altruistic, humanitarian, benevolent, caring.  But what if the mind cogitates in a twisted frame of reality?  Where ends justify the means, and there are no rules.  The pathological hold no sense of self-accountability.  Yet they can hold others to a projected standard, of their own creation.  They have their own game plan, their own interpretation of the world, foreign to those of us in civilized society.  When a boiling point is reached, or a strand of string pulled too taut,  then the tensions must be released.  How that release manifests itself can be liberating, the path to self-healing… or deadly.  Our NYC Detectives will be dealing with the latter, unravelling clues seemingly disconnected.  Our story begins Monday, July 16th.
     Can’t wait…

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