this ain’t a graphic novel, however…

Posted: July 12, 2012 in cops, crime novel, detective stories, novels, police procedurals, Uncategorized

The story, which  begins on Monday July 16th, will be upwards of 100,000 words.  However, I enjoy drawing and painting, primarily in graphite (pencil) and occasionally in pastels and acrylics.  I’ve created portraiture of conventional and unique subjects over many years, from infants to Hell’s Angels on their wheels.  Having that option accessible to me in this medium, I’ll insert images once in a while, to spice up your reading pleasure.  If a picture is ‘worth a thousand’ then consider the word count 100,000+.  My goal is to entertain and send you, the reader, into that state of ‘suspended reality’ on every visit, which is part of a novel’s magic.

Because of this blogging format, once the novel begins, I’ll use the title of the book and sequential numbers as the header of each posting, and start each entry with an instruction to ‘go back to the first page’, for those joining this site for the first time.  I apologize now for the repetitive nature of the beast, but I’d hate to have someone come along, step into a scene, and for them spoil a delicious set-up, only because they’ve joined us when a ‘whodunnit’ is being revealed.

And please, if you’ve a comment, share it on this site.  Unless he or she is into some kind of psychological self-examination, a writer writes with the intent of being read…feedback is more than welcome.  If you like what you read, let others know about it.  There’s plenty of room in our front parlor, the chairs are comfy, and I’ll keep an inviting fire going in the hearth.  So sit back, relax, and be taken up in the moment as the mystery unwinds.  Though, my intent is that you end up on the edge of your seat every once in a while.

So, what’s the dream of every novelist?  That the workforce dips the day after their book ‘hits the street’, because everyone is staying home to read it all in one sitting.  Here, you get it bit by bit.  The world economy is safe (please allow me my grandiose dreams too).


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