It’s 11:00 pm on Tuesday, July 10th, 2012. about an hour and a half drive south-east of Orlando, Florida.  Far enough from central Florida’s Swelter-Belt, yet just shy of the coastline’s soothing ocean breezes.  Had three minutes of pouring rain, which dried up in two, leaving a fresh lingering blanket of humidity.  The pounding splatters were enough to wake every bug in the neighborhood and they all believe the lamp that hangs over my laptop a beacon to the promised land…me.  I type with one hand and swat the keyboard with the other.  Cricket chirps fill the stale night, distorted into warbles by my only relief, a fan sitting a foot from my head.

I activated this blog with the intention of sharing a story.  A novel about two Detectives in New York City, on the case of a multiple murder.  What will come through this site will be a first draft, if you will.

Though this is not the first time a book was ever presented through a blog format, most have been non-fictional writing in nature (e.g., Julie & Julia), and a blog is more conducive to the material, as it is easier to give information out in chunks.  So I will revert back to the days of the serial, posting as much as possible to entertain you a bit in your busy day, leaving you with questions to be answered the next time we meet.

The story will begin on Monday, July 16th.  I realize that at this precise moment in time, I’m writing  to no one, and at the same time to everyone.  Should you come across this site, my efforts will be to have you want to return, and if you enjoy what you find, to please spread the word.  I’ll drop by every day just as a reminder… then on Monday the 16th, we’ll crack it open!


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